Security requirements

The following equiptment are recommended and is mandatory for Single- and Twohanded racing.

4 Red hand flares
2 Red parachute flares
4 White hand flares or signal pistol with cartridges
1 Lifejacket- or swimvest with fitted whistle for each crewmember
1 Deckvest/Harness with lifeline for each crewmember
1 Installed safety line along the deck for fastening of lifelines
1 Lifebuoy with automatic light
1 Wire cutter or 1 hacksaw with High Speed Blade
1 Anchor equipped with min. 30 m . Anchor line
1 Compass
1 Fog horn
1 Radar Reflector
1 Poe or bilge pump appropriate to the size of the boat
1 Throwing Line ( 15 meters flowable )
1 First-aid kit adequately equipped
1 Radio receiver for FM and AM
1 Waterproof torch with spare batteries
1 Fire extinguisher
1 Mobile Phone, no. Shall be noted in the registration and Crewlist.

Appendix for Single- and Twohanded racing
It is mandatory for the crew to wear the the lifejacket on deck or in the cockpit during the race, extra a strobelight shall be fitted to the lifejacket as well as a whistle.
The same goes for the Deckvest/Harness with mounted lifeline.
It is the crews own responsibility to evaluate - in a seamanlike way - if they need to be attached to the boat.
Singlehanded boats must bring an Anchor ball, to be used for anchoring.